“Effects Station is a revolutionary product, it’s modularity and portability make it a totally unique pedal”
–Trinalog Founder Mike Fang.

Mike grew up with music and guitars, and such,
understands the pain points involved in using either effects pedals.
Trinalog was born to solve these problems and provide a streamlined user experience,
combining the advantages of traditional analog effect pedals and Multi-FX.

With their deep knowledge of physics and analog effect circuits, the
Trinalog team has worked hard to make the Effects Station,
the world’s first bluetooth controlled analog pedalboard.
This system offers the best of both worlds, warm analog tone and the flexible preset management
of digital multi-effect pedals.
Route signal any way you like, save it, and share you tone with the world.

A whole new user experience for you, that’s our promise.

Trinalog Effects Station

World First App Controlled Analog Modular Pedalboard

Vintage Sound, Modern Control